Blog 6/16

Hello, this is Ivy, and I am doing the blog post today. This morning, we had a sermon and watched a touching video about life for Christians in ISIS-controlled regions. Despite their persecution, they remained joyful and continued to glorify God with unwavering devotion regardless of the immense obstacles in their way. After the sermon, … Continue reading Blog 6/16


Blog 6/15

Day 2 of outreach:  Hey there! It's Lisa Wu and I'm writing about day 2 of outreach!  Today my group went to the hospital (it was only a few minutes from the missions base). First, we stopped by a grocery store (it was really similar to Safeway) to buy pastries and napkins to give out … Continue reading Blog 6/15

Blog 6/14

Hi! I'm Luke and I'll be doing the daily blog today. We had a delicious breakfast of egg muffins and hash browns in the morning. Later we had a touching message with Brandon. He talked about someone named Suicide and how he accepted Christ. At around 10:30 we arrived at Casa Esperanza. Our group started … Continue reading Blog 6/14

Tuesday June 14

Hi my name is Kevin and I will be doing a daily update for today. Everything has been swift so far with no airplane delays and good road conditions. Today was training day so we learned skits and dances to prepare for our ministries for the next few days. Each group was also given a … Continue reading Tuesday June 14