Our Mission


To help our youth to understand their true identities, their eternal, intrinsic value, and how they can fulfill their destinies.


A Rockhound is a person who sets out to search for precious and valuable stones—an amateur geologist if you will. They look for Jaspers, agates, rubies, diamonds, quartz and many other minerals which are scattered all over the earth. These stones are not found easily. Many are hidden inside another rock or buried in sand and dirt. While most of us would walk right over something valuable, mistaking it for just another stone, a Rockhound knows how to recognize a precious stone in its natural habitat.

Once found, a raw stone can be transformed into a beautiful, bright, and shiny gemstone. The stones are carefully crafted down to what makes them special. Every stone is multifaceted. It has many parts that need to be worked and crafted so that its gifts are magnified.

Yahweh is building a kingdom. And Jesus is his Rockhound! He is searching for dusty, raw, stones that are willing to be cut, crafted and polished into a precious gemstone. The world is full of many uncut stones that need to be found, polished and discipled.

And Jesus invites us to be Rockhounds too. We are to seek out lost stones, and bring them to the place where they can be handcrafted and polished into what God truly designed them to be.

When a Rockhound wants to polish stones he will tumble them. The rocks all go into a big rotating bucket or drum for weeks. The stones rub, grind and crash into each other, and over time the stones are polished into shiny gemstones!

Together, we are the church and we are continually learning from each other, rubbing, grinding and shaping each other. Of course, we are never fully finished being crafted or polished. God uses our whole lifetime to shape us into the people we are to be. So we should always both be looking for more stones to join us and for more ways that allow God to disciple us and teach more of the kingdom way.