Blog 6/18

Heyheyhey!! My name is Brian and I’ll be writing the final blog post for our Mexico short term mission trip (awww ;-;). This morning, after completing our daily routine, we watched the last episode of the video series, The Voice of the Martyrs, talking about forgiveness for those who wrong us, for it is not them, our brothers and sisters, but a greater evil. Our speaker Brandon then talked to us about how our faith is not worth living for if it isn’t worth dying for, and vice versa. We wrote letters to those who had been imprisoned for their faith in Jesus, encouraging them to stay strong in spirit and faith. 

Afterwards, we headed to a local church, where we participated in worship (and our own worship team led worship ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘). We led the kids and youth in vbs and other activities before heading back to the base to eat lunch, eating sandwiches for the 6th day in a row!!ยก! We then headed downtown for a team bonding activity, purchasing trinkets, sunglasses, and cornrows to help us remember the time we spent in Ensenada working for the Lord and connecting as siblings in Christ. 

To conclude our experience, we held communion, exchanging memories and lessons, as well as being reminded that Jesus set us free from our sins through his death on the cross. The night ended with us shouting Jesus’s name and worshipping till the counselor dude forced us out of the worship room. We are now cleaning up and will update you tomorrow as we come home. 


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