Trip summary!

Below is a post requested by one of the adults. Wow, what a trip! One that everyone will remember for a lifetime, I’m sure. Thanks to all the Youth bloggers for these daily posts. Allow me to add here a postlude to capture the perspectives of at least one adult member. Perhaps more might follow … Continue reading Trip summary!


Update about flight delay

We will arrive a little late as our flight has been delayed by a little over an hour. Check the Southwest 385 flight for details. Sorry and thank you for your patience!

Blog 6/18

Heyheyhey!! My name is Brian and I'll be writing the final blog post for our Mexico short term mission trip (awww ;-;). This morning, after completing our daily routine, we watched the last episode of the video series, The Voice of the Martyrs, talking about forgiveness for those who wrong us, for it is not … Continue reading Blog 6/18

Blog 6/17

Hi everyone! This is Annie and I'll be writing the blog post for today! We started the day off today by doing an activity to strengthen and support each other - we all had a piece of paper taped to our backs and everyone went around writing compliments and encouragements on each other. It was … Continue reading Blog 6/17